Cascadia Jewelry started in Montana in 2017 after I took an intro to metal working class at my local bead shop.  I fell in love with manipulating, texturizing, and softening metals and it clicked with me more than any previous medium had. I began to spend as much of my free time and income on new tools and supplies and slowly taught myself skills while I experimented endlessly.  I never dreamed that this new love of mine would become a business.  I kept making and sharing my work and through lots of trial and error, lessons learned, risks taken, this passion started to morph into that dream.  In 2019 I relocated home to the Pacific Northwest and went all in.  This is my full time gig now. I feel lucky to spend my time making jewelry and sharing it with you. 
I like working with a range of metals and techniques to create different visions. I gravitate towards texture and line to create drama- and always prefer simple and straightforward pieces. I work slowly and in small batches allowing space for attention and care.  All my jewelry starts with a sheet of metal that I saw, shape, file, solder, smith, hammer and form into its finished shape. I design as I go and often the final piece isn't quite what I had planned but instead came about naturally through the process.  Behind it all is an inspiration to bring joy and beauty through simple, handmade work.  

I have made the effort to create collections and pieces that are more economically approachable.  Working with a range of materials and techniques has allowed me to do that.  It is important to me that art, fashion, and self expression be more financially accessible.

In 2021 my husband died unexpectedly. My entire world was blown apart and my journey through grief and trauma was dark and confusing. It is vulnerable and complicated to be a public artist and face of a business when your life has been turned upside down.  Making jewelry was a tether that kept me grounded.  This business morphed from an exciting new venture with my art to a lifeline and connection to what my future could be.
It's an honor to share all of this with you. Thank you for being here.
Cascadia is a bioregion that spans a portion of the west coast. It’s the terrain from the Oregon coast through Washington’s mountains, Montana’s rivers and valleys and up to Alaska’s wilderness. It’s where my roots are, where my journey has taken me, and where I plan to stay. My business was named for those lands and the feelings they inspire.