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Our Story

Cascadia Jewelry is the work of artist and designer Kira Rainey. everything is made by me in my studio- with intention and love. i work with a range of metals and technique to create different visions. I gravitate towards textures and lines to create drama- simple and straightforward. I work slowly and in small batches allowing space for attention and care.

process- metalsmithing, hammered pieces etc etc

Cascadia is the term for a bioregion that spans a portion of the west coast. Its the terrain from the Oregon coast through Washington’s mountains, Montana’s rivers and valleys and up to Alaskas wilderness. Its where my roots are, where my journey has taken me, and where I plan to stay. My business was named for those lands and memories they inspire.

I started this business in Montana and relocated home to Pacific Northwest. Currently located in between the Skagit Valley and the Chuckanut Mountains. As i moved my business my design moved too. I found myself yearning for Montana and the wild i found living in the west- these themes were a natural inspiration and shaped a new direction for my work,

In March of 2021 my husband died unexpectedly. My entire world was blown apart and my journey through grief and trauma was dark and humbling. Making jewelry was the one tether that kept me grounded for a long time. I make things from love and for love. This business morphed from an exciting new venture with my art to a lifeline and connection to what my future could be.

i love what i do and getting to share it with others…..

Its an honor to share my work and my story with you. Thank you for being here and visiting my page.